Wednesday, 5 October 2016

We Were Up Early And Away,

to Jomtien Soi 5,

 for our 90 day check-in, this is the immigration centre,

 and the view looking towards the beach, I made a point of looking at my watch, we arrived at and were given tickets at 08.45, there were 6 people in front of us, at 08.51 we were outside and on our way home, no forms to fill in, no papers or photographs needed, all done by one officer, a computer and a printer,

 the restaurant on Jomtien Beach Road we normally go to was not open until 10.00, so we went home changed then made our way to Walking Street,

 we parked the motorcycle,

 and walked back under the television screen,

 to the bars at the beginning of the street,

 beside them there is a walkway, this is the view from it looking along Pattaya beach,

 and the walk way itself,

 we were going to the Pattaya Beer Garden, as you walk inside there is a small pool,

 in the pool a heron standing guard,

 with is smaller, younger brother at the other end,

 the restaurant had only just opened,

 so we had the pick of the tables, in the distance on barges paragliding was taking place,

 the fearless could don a parachute and be towed by speedboats for an exhilarating ride,

 each operator having different coloured parachutes,

 one coming into land,

 as another takes off,

 now here is a thought, think of the tangle of ropes if the lead boat took a wrong turn! I think I will keep my feet on the ground,

 an ice coffee for myself,

 as we watched the clouds,

 our breakfasts arrived,

 a Thai noodle dish for Diana,

 three slices of fried chicken for myself,

 arriving home we noticed that two of Diana's stinky cactus had flowered, 

 both looking so unusual,

 this one,

almost looking like velvet,

 we had nothing else planned for the day, 

 so it was play time for the kittens, 

 Cable inspecting the fountain,

 from both sides,

 then the turn of Mariana,

 in the evening Barry called by to pick us up and we were out for a meal, we were going to a restaurant on Soi Siam Country Club, but the road was closed and the diversion signs were not clear to us, 

so we made out way back to an Italian restaurant on Soi Chaiyapruek called Mimosa,

 there is parking at the front and at the rear in the car park next door,

 Barry ordered melon and Parma ham,

 for Diana a pizza, 

 with a pineapple topping,

 for myself,

a huge selection of cold cuts,

 Barry also ordered a pizza, 

 and some how I ended up with the complimentary drinks! 

many thanks to the owner for a lovely Italian meal which if you like Italian food is well worth visiting, 

it is just a short way down Soi Chaiyapruek on the left hand side from the Sukhumvit Road traffic lights going towards the beach, we arrived home and thanking Barry for his kindness and saying our farewells, it was feet up for some cable television and we were then off to bed. 

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