Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Diana And Myself,

have always fancied a lazy boy chair each,

 like these ones, but due to cost and space we have never bought one, also the thought of it going wrong puts us off, but now a new type of lazy boy has been produced, behold the Elysium, it is the creation of Dr. David Wicket, a British inventor and furniture designer who also has a PhD in bioengineering, 

 during 10 years of research, he was able to develop an equation that defines posture and gravitational force, which later became the backbone of this innovative chair,

the good news is that the chair has no motors, cables or spring mechanisms, relying instead on 'intelligent design derived from mathematics', more precisely, an ingenious system of bearings, it is well worth looking at the website for a insight into this great piece of engineering,

and this video above, handmade at a workshop in Cambridge, UK, the Elysium chair features a carbon-fiber skeleton covered in Scandinavian leather, if you wish to try one they are available at the Bang & Olufsen showroom in Knightsbridge, London, but you do not want to sit around before buying one as only 20 of the bespoke Elysium chairs are currently available, our minds are made up, this is the one for us, I just hope they have the colour we want in stock, all we have to do now is find the £40,800 to buy a pair of them, yes they are £20,400 each!

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