Sunday, 2 October 2016

When I First Looked At This Picture,

I thought crikey it must be cold there, the stream of water is frozen,

 but then I looked at the moving image, was I looking at a magic trick? or was it some type of alien prank?

at first glance, you might think this water is frozen, but it’s flowing, after it’s disrupted, it goes right back to the exact shape it had before, and it looks like its not even moving, a pool is being drained, when a fluid moves at a slow speed, under the consistent pressure of gravity, this is the effect we see, but we do not normally see this as water that we encounter is under pressure from taps or pipes, what we are seeing here is called laminar flow, the physics of it are used in public fountain displays where water 'jumps' from one place to another, 

like this one, well I still think it’s aliens,

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