Sunday, 2 October 2016

We Had A Piece Of Grass Leftover,

as it seemed a shame to throw it away,

 we thought we would put it down as a doormat, 

 which meant we could not close the door, so a quick call to Arry,

 and with an angle-grinder he removed the bottom inch or so of the door, lots of smoke and a few moments later we now have a grass doormat,

 after breakfast I started to drain down the aquarium,

 and the kittens pool, I mentioned before it is amazing the amount of dust that settles on the bottom of the pool,

 Hogue was completely unimpressed,

 Cable on the hand,

 just could not work it out where the water had gone,

 Mariana came over for a look,

 something outside caught Cable's eye,

 meanwhile the aquarium was draining,

 Cable paced up and down,

 and inspected the shower head,

 by now I had cleaned the tiles, so I started to fill the pool,

 Mariana decided to have a second look,

 then wandered off to join the boys,

 one Hogue, was playing on the big toy,

 it doubles as a scratching post,

 and a exercise piece of kit,

 as they race each other to the top,

 this time Hogue on the left,

 and Mariana,

 on the right tower,

 meanwhile it was all too much for Cable, 

 who just looked on,

 indoors the aquarium was filling,

 and it was soon full, then in the kittens room an amazing thing happened,

 we put the pool in because we read that both Bengals and Savannah's like water, but other than a paw getting wet when playing with the ducks or accidentally falling in they never go for a splash about, but here was Cable,

 with his fur all puffed up,

 splashing around,

 and playing with the fountain that I had not turned on yet,

 we were both amazed, 

 but the other two kittens did not want to join in,

and for a bit of fun here is a 30 second or so video of Cable's splash around,

  as it got dark Mariana decided on a sleep on the speaker,

 and by now Cable had dried out, 

 then it was time for our Saturday night bar-b-q,

 after a starter of garlic bread some mussels, 

 it was time to light up the barby,

 and with a little help from the fan, a shower of sparks and we were in business,

 Diana had marinated some chicken pieces,

 so on they went,

 also she had prepared some potato with bacon and onions in a foil wrapper,

 opening it up it smelled delicious,

 Diana decided on just the chicken, 


 for dessert,

 cherry pie with expertly poured custard, 

 hardly spilt a drop!

 and nice it was too,

we spent the rest of the evening listening to music, then as the midnight hour approached we made a move inside and with that we were off to bed.

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