Wednesday, 1 February 2017

In The Afternoon,

the guy from the gym equipment shop called round,

 20 minutes and 800 baht later he was on his way back to his shop, then we were off to the market,

 we parked the motorcycle then walked to the rear of the stalls,

 and made our way inside,

 we wanted to buy some fresh fruit to snack on,

 3 pineapples for 50 baht, that will do nicely,

 a slightly larger bar-b-q than ours,

 we passed by the bug stall,

 food on a stick,

 and the sushi stall,

 and made our way, 

 to the vegetable section,

 today was the day the kittens had their cones taken off,

 so it was play time,

 they all seem to like jumping after the feathers,

 Hogue takes a break,

 then along comes Mariana and Cable,

 Mariana leaps for them,

 next it was Cable,

 but it is Mariana,

 who is Queen of the high jumps,

 it does not look it, but she can jump so high, 

 the games continued,

 then Mariana decided to take a higher look at the front yard, and climbed the mosquito netting on the front door,

 after our evening meal, more fun for the kittens,

 finishing my soda I put the ice cubes into the kittens pool, where they played until the ice melted,

we watched a few from Judge Judy, then 2 more episodes of Game of Thrones, by now as you might have guessed everything is starting to come together, just a shame about the foul language and with that we were of to bed.

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