Thursday, 21 December 2017

During The Day,

I popped out,

 to see Jack Levy at the Macallan Insurance brokerage on Pattaya Tai, as we will be going away next month I wanted to pay for any premiums that would be due whilst we were not in Thailand, in the evening it was warm clothes on, it is getting really cold over here, I looked at our min/max thermometer outside this morning, the overnight temperature went down to 64° Fahrenheit, (just under 18° centigrade), not cold by UK standards, but when you only have T shirts in the wardrobe it is cold, luckily Diana has a few woolen jumpers, so wearing one of those, 

 we were off to Cherry's, Mr. Tony kindly picked us up,

 I had a quick look to see what was on offer as there were not many customers when we arrived,

 new for this week, tart targo,

 and of course a lot more to chose from,

 as well as sushi,

 another new dish for this week, rice noodle crepes with pork,

 soup of the day, Parmesan cream soup or tom yung goong,

 on to the main courses, battered fish and spring rolls,

 along with 18 or so heated covered dishes,

 plus a carvery which this week included a boiled ham as well as the usual beef, pork, lamb and chicken, there was also a selection of kebabs and a pizza station,


 and what a selection, 

 so many to chose from,

plus 7 different flavors of ice cream, 

 then it was time to tuck in,


 we settled in with our starters,

 this was my second choice of starters,

 and Diana made hers,

 on to main course a selection for Mr. Tony,

and for myself ribs, ham and pork with a mushroom sauce, 

we then had a selection of desserts and coffees, and here was a nice touch, a lovely table decoration, the price of the International buffet which is every Wednesday and Saturday is 450 baht per person, the restaurant is located on Third Road opposite what was once the X-Cite disco, at this time of the year it is a good idea to book a table, although there were just a few dinners as we arrived, half way through our meal every table was taken, Mr. Tony kindly dropped us off home where we said our goodbyes,

 then for us feet up and another from the Bond box, License To Kill, by the time that was finished, for us we were off to bed.

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