Saturday, 9 December 2017

We Had A Few Things To Do Today,

we managed to have our wardrobe picked up,

 and carted away, along with lots of other unwanted items, so our first stop was to Index, where we bought a new wardrobe and chest of drawers, hopefully to be delivered next Wednesday,

 back along the Sumkivitt Road to Tesco Lotus, we are staying in on Sunday for lunch, so we bought a chicken,

 Diana was running low on paint, she is painting two bedside tables and a dressing table white to match the wardrobe, so a stop at one of the many hardware stores for another few tins of spray paint,

 and at the close of play here is the dressing table ready for its first top coat,

Diana was busy inside as well, we had bought a few more things for the Christmas tree,

 time seemed to fly past, soon we were off to the weekend night market on Thepprasit Road, I passed some of the mobile food stalls,

 looking towards Jomtien it appeared cloudy,

 zooming in the sky took on a slight yellow tinge,

 the first few Christmas toys appearing,

 our cats enjoy the last two moving, barking puppies, just a shame they do not last long once the cats get use to them,

 guess what we are having for our evening meal tonight,

 as we were at the market I called in to pay the 3BB Internet bill,

 slight cloud looking inland,

 one of the mobile fruit seller doing his rounds,

 opposite the bar this evening a shoe stall and one selling clothes,

during the week we had passed the market a few times, and had seen workmen on the roof,

 and this pulley shows that some work is going on, 

 the area that the auction is held in now has a clothes stall there,

 the fruit stall getting ready for action,

 last week Diana bought some ribs for our Saturday night bar-b-q,

 they were so nice we thought we would have them again this week and maybe a chicken, 

 I made my way past one of the other sushi stalls,

 and along one of the 3 or 4 food aisles,

 plenty to chose from here,

 the liquid boiling away, the aroma was giving me quite an appetite,

 past another sushi stall,

 then out into the open and a surprise, another row of uprights has been completed,

 slightly offset from the others,

 I called into the pet store for 4 packs of wet food, plus I ordered 20 bags of 20 kilo cat litter, a years supply, 

 I also bought a pack of sinking pellets for our bottom feeding fish,

  sunset over the market, it was in this picture I noticed another row of supports being erected, so I guess another row of girders will be welded into place over the next few weeks,

 I still keep thinking about buying a pair of fish-flops, 

 the bar was crowded tonight so I sat at the other end of it and watched the night sky,

 then a nice surprise, Porn and Craig called by, we have not seen them in ages, 

whilst chatting to Craig I found out we both enjoy the adventures of Simon's cat, so here is his last years Christmas video, great fun, so we chatted away and after saying our goodbyes,

 we were home for our evening meal, sushi, delicious! after a couple of quiz shows, Diana decided she wanted to watch Schindler's List, in case you have not seen the film it is a harrowing account of the Second World War, in particular the rounding up of people not wanted by the Nazis, who had to be exterminated, at 3 hours long it was late by the time that it finished so for us we were off to bed.

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