Thursday, 28 December 2017

I Find Some Of These Cityscapes,

slightly unnerving,

 they are so good it almost feels as if I were failing into them,

 they are the work of Paris based artist Thomas Dartigues, who goes by the name of Decktwo,

 "The city is one of my favorite sources of inspiration," the artist says, in a statement, "Its sprawling energy that spreads its tentacles from the center outwards, its ways of networking and connectivity, the way its evolution is expressed through scale – all of it makes up the DNA of my creations"

 "The city is an entity with two faces: it is a place of tension and power struggles, but also it is an incredible energy vessel. This dynamic is one of the foundations of my work – the pulsating force that pushes me to rethink the city. By reinventing the perception of its energy and playing with the scale, I tend to create an immersive world in which everyone can dive and get inspired."

some of his works are huge, 

like Global City 1, 

a quick quiz, look at Global City 1 and count how many famous landmarks you can name.

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