Friday, 8 December 2017

Not That I Am Interested In Sport,

but I thought I would mention that at long last,

 the shortlist for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Mascot Candidates have been announced, although to say the least it has been a bumpy ride so far, plagiarism allegations forced the committee to scrap their original logo and seek a new one, then, when the new Tokyo Stadium proposal by the late Zaha Hadid was unveiled it was met with heavy criticisms over budget and site-specific appropriateness, which eventually forced the committee to start from scratch again, now, with less than 1000 days to go, things seems to be back on track, earlier this week 3 candidates were announced as potential mascots,

 each of the 3 candidates has 2 mascots, one for the Olympics and one for the Paralympics, so they are quite similar, firstly candidates A are a pair of mascots that embodies both old tradition and new innovation, their design seems to be inspired by the AsaoTokoro’s chequered emblem,

 candidates B are modeled after Japan’s Lucky Cat (manekineko) and Guardian Dog (komainu), two characters from Japanese folklore,

and finally candidates C were also inspired by Japanese folklore, the fox and raccoon that make frequent appearances in fairy tales, for myself I would go with candidate B, but what do I know? as soon as any sports starts on television I immediately search for the channel that is showing paint drying, live.

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