Sunday, 24 December 2017

We Had A Change Of Routine,

for today,

 after feeding the cats, posting the blog, doing my morning exercises and breakfast, as we were getting low on wine we called into Makro, it is illegal to buy alcohol in the day time in Thailand except in the hours of 12.00 midday until 14.00 in the afternoon, as you can imagine with Christmas near and only a 2 hour window in the daytime to buy alcohol the place was packed, we had to park almost at the exit, all of the covered parking area and beyond was full, still the walk did us good! 

we then parked and unloaded the truck at home and took the motorcycle to Friendship, it was packed here too, we were lucky as we pulled into the motorcycle park one driver left and we had a space,

into the kitchen supply store next to Friendship, Diana wanted some shaped cutters to make pastry shapes for our mince pies, and then into the store itself,

 next stop at the rear of TukCom for a take away ice tea and coffee, 

 then maintenance time, 40% of the water out and front glass cleaned of algae, 

 then water replaced,

 Diana cleaned out the cats pool, Hogue completely underwhelmed, 

 Cable was as usual interested,

   whilst Mariana sized up her reflection in the lens of the camera,

 I had to put the battery on the motorcycle on charge, it does not charge the battery, so every month or so I have to charge it up, I have tried to explain the problem to the motorcycle shop, but with my limited Thai and the shop owners limited English we got nowhere, although he did rather helpfully say that if I drove without lights on in the day time the battery would last longer, just do not get a ticket from the police! in any event 3 of the outside kittens that have become used to us came along to see what I was doing,

 then in the evening they reappeared, 

 the barby took in no time at all,

 a bit out of focus I know, but looking at this kitten I can not help thinking that, A, we are feeding her way too much, or B, we will soon be ankle deep in kittens, 

 they know they will be feed soon,

 we had a rack of ribs that Diana bought at the market yesterday as a starter, but we were so hungry I forgot to photograph it! but here is our chicken,

'Cheers!', by the time we finished this we were full to bursting, we had planed on a Magnum each but were too full, we listened to music until the midnight hour, then for us we were off to bed.

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