Thursday, 14 December 2017

What Am I Looking At?

was my first thought,

 when I saw these swirls of color,

 the pictures reminded me of mixing metallic paint,

 where the colour had sunk to the bottom of the can,

 and such nice colours,

 then I realised, I was looking at a paperweight,

 but I was not, it was much bigger, 

imagine putting 11 full sized planet earths side by side, that is how big Jupiter is, the pictures are of Jupiter, this series of close-up photographs was taken by Juno within the last year, and is a dazzling diverse display of the planet’s gaseous composition. Swirling blue and brown clouds appear like impressionist paint strokes across Jupiter’s atmospheric surface, a spectacle which is constantly shifting into new optically charged formations, You can see more images taken with Juno’s high-tech cameras on NASA’s website, amazing, absolutely amazing.

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