Friday, 22 December 2017

Today It Was My Turn,

to go to immigration,

 so off to Soi 5 Jomtien I went,

 it looked busy with cars parked as far as the eye could see, I queued for my ticket, and as I walked to the 90 day counter the officer sat there asked to see my ticket, 'your next' and took my passport, the old notification was scanned and the new one stapled into my passport almost before I had time to sit down, what a great speedy service, a smile and a thank you and I was on my way,

 I called into the aquatic store on Thepprasit Road,

 and bought 10 kilos of gravel, not for the aquarium, but to re-pot some cactus, we had lost a few due to the rains where the water had rotted their roots,

 arriving back home I changed into shorts and we were on our way for breakfast, we parked in Walking Street, outside of the bar that has the car on it's wall,

 and made our way to The Stone House,

 that had such a good display at Songkran, and they did a great show again for Christmas,

 really entering into the spirit of Christmas with their outdoor display, 

 we made our way under the Walking Street television,

 Pattaya Beach Road looking north,

 we walked along the side of the first set of bars just before you enter the street, I hope the guy on the waste water pipe has a good catch,

 it must have been full tide, as waves crashed against the back of the water treatment plant,

 and this is where we are going, the Pattaya Beer Garden

 that had a nice Christmas display on the way in,

 looking further along the beach, 

 Cape Dara in the far distance,

 and I had to look at the Hilton, we must go there in the New Year,

we sat in the sun,

 it was so cold in the shade, all of the staff were wrapped up in warm clothes, 

 it was so cold in fact that we both had hot coffees and Diana decided on a spicy tom yum goong,

and I went with a chicken korma curry, both served with boiled rice, next stop home, after our evening meal we had a double treat, first this evenings edition of The Chase, followed by The Family Chase,   

this evenings episode featuring the Bass family,

next YouTube for a few Bargain Hunts, to round the evening off from the Bond box, GoldenEye, and with the end of that we were off to bed.

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