Saturday, 30 December 2017

There Are Some People,

that believe the Earth is flat,

like for instance Flat Earth conspiracy theorist and YouTuber D. Marble who recently went viral for his ingenious attempt to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that Earth is indeed a pancake, not a globe, He actually took a spirit level – the kind used in construction – on a flight from North Carolina to Seattle in order to “monitor whether or not the pilot would dip the nose of the plane to compensate for curvature”, the self-professed realist filmed himself placing a spirit level on his plane seat arm rest to see if the bubble would move as the pilot tipped the nose of the plane to compensate for the planet’s curvature,

and explains why the Earth is flat in this video,

so I am wondering what would happen if one of the Flat Earthers meet up with a Hollow Earther? the hollow Earth theory was first proposed in the 17th century by some of the leading scientists of the time, unlike their predecessors, however, the modern hollow Earth theorists also believe that a race of superior humans, Vikings, and Nazis live in paradise at the center, these residents of the core frequently send UFOs, via holes in the North and South poles, to spy on us surface dwellers in an attempt to prevent a nuclear war, 

spearheading the modern Hollow Earth movement is Rodney Cluff, author of a book called World Top Secret: Our Earth IS Hollow, in 2007 Cluff organized a voyage to the core, with plans to sail from Russia on an icebreaker ship seeking the supposed opening at the North Pole, He had to cancel the £15,000-per-head expedition, but he claims that this hasn’t dampened his enthusiasm for the theory, “More and more people are coming to terms with the fact that the Earth is hollow. I get emails from people learning about it every day,” Cluff said. “It’s definitely growing in popularity – certainly not in the millions but maybe in the thousands.”

Edmund Halley, of Halley’s Comet fame, first proposed the theory of a hollow Earth in 1692 as a way of explaining unusual compass readings, Halley’s theory suggested that the planet is a series of spherical shells stacked like a Russian nesting doll, all spinning in different directions around a central core, this model could account for the inaccuracies in his compass readings, He postulated that the space between each shell might contain a luminous atmosphere capable of supporting life,

 Halley’s bizarre theory was expanded upon over the centuries by various proponents, and in 1818, John Cleves Symmes, Jr. published his Circular No. 1, stating to the world that the Earth is hollow, He posited that unlike Halley’s multi-layered model, the planet was a giant cavern that housed a miniature sun, Symmes also claimed that there were massive holes at the North and South poles allowing for access to the world inside, this aspect of his theory became known as “Symmes Holes.” 

Symmes’ son and other loyal followers kept the Hollow Earth theory alive into the 20th century when it began to take on a more supernatural air, works of fiction that used Halley and Symmes’ visions as starting points have profoundly influenced modern believers of the theory, author Jules Verne published A Journey to the Center of the Earth in 1864, which proposed a lush world inside the planet, the novel inspired an entire sub-genre of science fiction about prehistoric jungles and highly advanced and enlightened races of humans living beneath us, some modern hollow Earthers believe Nazis who escaped from World War Two, as well as the lost Viking colonies of Greenland and the lost tribes of Israel all live in the center of the Earth, others think that it is home to around 100 subterranean cities full of superior humans, known as the Agartha network, so now I am really confused, is the Earth flat or is it hollow? 

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