Friday, 29 December 2017

We Decided To Make A Trip Back To Friendship,

having bought the cats some balloons,

 we found it almost impossible to blow them up,

 with lots of huffing and puffing I finally managed to blow up a round one, but the long sausage ones were for us, totally impossible to inflate, 

so for 60 baht we bought one of these, the BK 2000 balloon inflator! sounds like a flying broomstick from Harry Potter,

and here is the video, as the cats, particularly Mariana played with the balloons, I was waiting for the bang, all of the time I was thinking, 'any minute now, any minute now' well cat claws and balloons are not a great mix, but she was having fun, and came back for more! 

after our evening meal we watched this evenings edition of The Family Chase, followed by Cowboys and Aliens, which was great fun, the special effects stunning, we rounded the evening off by watching YouTube and followed a number of contestants playing Bargain Hunt and with a few of those we were then off to bed.

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