Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Most Mums When Showing Of Their New Baby,

expect smiles of happiness and joy form onlookers,

 certainly not the look of horror or revulsion that the lady in the middle of the picture is showing,

 but then how would you react when shown a new born Werepup?

 WerePups and their parents are continually met with fascinatingly extreme reactions, from pure disgust to complete adoration, it’s clear that this unusual breed of infant strikes a chord with people young and old in a very big way, and there are even Werekittens! to understand how these strange aberrations occur perhaps it is best to go back to 1956, and visit Dr. Norman Baxter who in his laboratory is creating this most unusual form of life

the good news is that Werepups do seem to get along with normal babies, so there is a reliefif you do commit to having a Werepup please visit the Care, Health and Feeding page before deciding, the general rule of WerePups care is to handle them like you would handle a real newborn baby, lift WerePups like newborn babies, supporting the head with one hand and the back or butt with the other, don't pick WerePups up by the head, arm or leg, you will find these and other helpful hints and tips on the page, do we want one? no thank you, we have enough to handle with the three cats, but the Werepups certainly look cute.

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