Friday, 15 December 2017

We Called Into Friendship,

for a few bits and pieces,

 work was continuing on the building next door and the main steps to the store were now complete,

 some work was also being done to the shrine in the car park,

 in the afternoon I called back to the pet store in the weekend night market, the store opens at 3.00 in the afternoon except Wednesdays, which means it is easy to pick bulk items up during the afternoon, at the weekend evening market it is packed with stalls unloading and setting up,

 the heavy work overhead was completed, so the shop could open,

 with just welding going on overhead,

 the uprights on the left completed, the concrete pillars on the right I guess will receive their uprights over the next few weeks, 

I pulled in next to the shops van,

 then it was time to load, 20 bags of cat litter at 20 kilos each,

 and this is what 400 kilogram of cat litter looks like in the back of my truck, plus a couple of boxes of cat food, the down side was that although there were three people loading, it was all down to me when I arrived home, still the good news is that we should be OK for cat litter the next year!

 in the early evening the sky put on a nice display,

I am not sure what caused it, dust in the air maybe?

after our evening meal we watched tonight's edition of The Chase followed by The Family Chase, featuring the Bennett family, and good fun it was too, next a couple from Murdoch Mysteries, we rounded the evening off with X-Men First Class, and with the end of that we were off to bed.

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