Saturday, 4 March 2017

A Quick Look At The Mushrooms,

confirmed they are still growing,

so maybe for breakfast tomorrow, 

 or a snack in the afternoon, they will be cropped,

 after breakfast on to the motorcycle and off to Friendship,

 I went shopping inside whilst Diana went into the market for some fresh fruit, 

 on our way home we parked outside the rear of TukCom to buy an ice coffee and green tea,

 arriving home we noticed this cactus, 

  not only did it have a flower, 

 it had these two strange spikes growing out of it,

 seed pods perhaps?

 also one of the stinky cactus was flowering,

 just one flower,

 next stop the weekend night market on Thepprasit Road, 

 a few more mobile food carts were here than last week,

 clear skies looking inland,

 the spot above the building on the left seems a popular spot for pigeons to sit on,

 some of the food carts, 

 doing the rounds,

 tonight opposite the bar a stall selling shorts and a 50 baht store, 

 I made my way to the steelworks thinking there would be shrimp and crayfish sellers as there has been in the past few weeks, but this week, not one,

 but there was a new line of clothes stalls,

 on to the fruit section,

 and one of the fruits I like was in stock,

 Marina plums, (Bouea macrophylla), delicious, 

 last week the market was packed with shoppers,

 this week at the same time,

 hardly a soul,

 'I want that one!', I bumped into Brian as I made my way to the pet section,

 a few customers in the distance,

 I called into the pet store which has all manner of goods for pets on sale,

 mostly foods,

 purchase made, 4 boxes of tuna wet food,

 these are one of the kittens favourite toys, feathers or bells on sticks, 

 so many coloured leads to chose from,

one of the market cats,

 I made my way to the petting stall,

some of the piglets not yet awake, 

 at the end of the row the aquatic store,

 with some shrimps/crayfish for sale,

 sunset over the market,

 I walked uphill,

  past the food stalls,

 and was soon at the other end of the steelworks,

 and arrived at the bar along with Brian and Russ,

 we watched the night creep in, and said our farewells,

 we were going to call into the Punch and Judy for our evening meal, but decided against it, they had a live band playing, it is just unfortunate that we do not like bands playing as we try to eat and talk, if we wanted to listen to live music we would go to a music bar, so there it is, the good news is that Diana cooked,

 for our evening meal baked salmon, with mash, peas and asparagus wrapped in bacon, all so nice,

we watched a show about antiques, a couple from Judge Judy then 3 episodes of Black Sails, what a stunningly good series, and with that we were off to bed.

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