Sunday, 5 March 2017

I Am Sure We Have All Seen Fruit Or Vegetables,

that have been hand carved into shapes,

 in Japan the carving of fruit or vegetables is called mukimono,

 but here is the thing, some of the fruits and vegetable chosen, say pumpkins or melons stay as they are, that is they do not oxidise, unlike apples or bananas, once the peel is removed the exposed surface quickly discolours,

 which is why Japanese artist Gaku has to work fast, 

 to finish his work and take a picture before discolouration sets in,

armed with a tool similar to an x-acto knife and a fruit or vegetable from the grocery store, Gaku carves intricate patterns that are often inspired by traditional Japanese motifs, and here is a tip, Gaku points out that the banana is great fruit to practice with because it’s cheap and easy to carve, and what he does with all his creations after he’s done, his reply is simple: he eats them, “Except for the banana peel.”

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