Saturday, 4 March 2017

I Have Never Come Across The Phrase SLAB,

Swanga or Slabbity-Slab,

to describe a car, but these are they, 

 it starts out like this, depreciated American luxury cars are the norm, Cadillacs, Buicks and certain Oldsmobiles are preferred, Lincolns/Panthers and Chryslers are cool too, even Jaguars and Quattroportes pull it off vis-à-vis distinctly luxurious proportions, 

but here is a tip do not break your leg budget on the ride, GM’s W-body is one of the most common platforms for good reason, as costly modifications are necessary to pay homage to the Pimp Riders while advancing the game,

what is needed are items like these, 
  • Massive stereos,
  • Kitted out power popping trunks, slathered in custom vinyl,
  • Personalised phrases in neon/mirrors.
  • Wire wheels much like the Cragar units supplied as OEM for Cadillac in 1983 and 1984, except replacing the fragile tin content with 100% steel,

or better still these from Texan Wire Wheels, not sure that I would like to be too close to them whist walking though! for more information about SLAB, Swanga or Slabbity-Slab, have a look here.

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