Wednesday, 1 March 2017

We Were Up Early,

kittens litter changed and food put out for them, post the blog,

 and we were out to beat the crowds on Bali Hai pier to go the coral island, but the crowds beat us there!

 we meet up with Russ and made our way along to the waiting ferries,

 at 07.50 we left the dock and arrived at Koh Larn about 50 minutes later,

 after the passengers disembarking, goods were then brought ashore,

 as we walked along the jetty, 

 there is a beach on the left hand side,

assessable by a walkway, 

 but this was the beach we were going to,

we prefer this one as there is a large selection of food stalls,

 and amenities,  

 the only slight problem is that it tends to be crowded until about midday when most people leave to go back to the mainland, 

 we walked past various stalls,

 selling food, drinks and souvenirs,

 this was new, a huge restaurant where most of the people that came here of tours eat,

 we sat where we normally do, new for this trip white swans, 

 and pink flamingos,

 Diana takes a rest,

 as another ferry approaches the dock,


 chicken on a stick with papaya pok-pok for Diana, 

 and a ice tea, chicken fried rice for Russ and myself,

 and a dip in the sea,

 I popped into the restaurant behind us for a beer,

 and had a look at what was cooking, shrimps and squid,

 and freshwater catfish,

 plus lots of chicken,

 the kitchen, 

 Diana decided to have a swim,

 then dry off for our journey home, 

 the floats job done for the day,

 we made our way along the beach,

 and on to the jetty,

 to catch the ferry home,

 a quick pose, 

 and look at the sea, which is nice and clear out here, 

 and we were soon passing the small beach on our left,

 if you do decided on a day out the ferry charge is 30 baht each way, or you can take a speedboat for 300 baht one way but sometimes 200 baht is quoted, cutting the journey down to 20 minutes or so,

 all aboard,

 and we were on our way home,

 as we neared the mainland I could not help but notice this building, from memory it looks the same as it did on our last visit here over a year ago, no work has been done to it since then,

 the good news is that the marina is now finished, just a shame it looks in need of repair already,

 as we approached the quayside, 

 the sun hid behind some clouds,

 this looks exciting, the catamaran that goes from Pattaya to Hua Hin, they do not as of now have a web site, but here is their Facebook page,   

 the Royal Cliff Beach Resort and Hotel in the distance, 

 we said our farewells to Russ,

 and started looking for our motorcycle, the rows of them seemed to go on forever,

 well they did! but for us it was not a problem, both of our motorcycles have white seats, easy to find and cool to sit on when in the sun, but there was a slight problem, I always leave my motorcycle sunglasses in my crash helmet which we attache to the motorcycle with its anti-theft helmet clip, the glasses had been taken, for the first time in over 20 years of leaving them there someone must have noticed, but there it is, good job I have a spare pair at home,

 then home shower and change,

 and we were off, 

to meet up with Jim and Cher,

 we were all given a tomato drink to start,

 Diana decided on juice, Cher and myself on wine and a beer for Jim,

 next an amuse bouche, 

 chicken satay with a sweet and sour dip,

 on to starters, Cher and Diana went with the lamb lettuce salad

 with a touch of pepper,

lobster bisque for Jim and a trout for myself,


 from all of us,


 a refreshing,


which was so cool,

for our main courses Cher chose calamari rings, 

 which she thoroughly enjoyed,  

and was served with chilli mayonnaise,

for Diana,

 beef stroganof,

 Jim chose a slice veal tenderloin with champignons and cream sauce,

 and for myself a rack of lamb with a mix of 7 different herbs,

with a nice selection of wine,

 we followed the meal with coffee,

 along with complimentary chocolates and biscuits,

 the ladybird was so cute,

 for desserts, maple and walnut ice cream, 

 it was nice, the evening just flew past, and it seemed in no time at all the restaurant was empty, except us! what a fabulous meal, we said our farewells and took a Grab taxi home, then feet up for a nightcap and we were off to bed.

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