Sunday, 5 March 2017


so time for some maintenance,

 firstly change the refrigerator magnet, this week we will relive our trip to Windsor with Steve and Kai,

 first a water change well 40% or so for the aquarium, water out, 

 and then in,

 next time to crop the mushrooms,

 for breakfast, delicious fried in garlic and served on toast, Mark called by for a tea and a chat so whilst we were chatting Diana cleaned the kittens pool, after saying our farewells,

 in the afternoon it was glad rags on,

 as Russ called by and we were off to Prichai a seafood restaurant, in Ban Amphur,

  as you arrive both sides of the entrance are lined with pools,

containing the seasons selection of crustaceans, freshwater prawns,

 and here mangrove crabs,

 on the other side of the entrance fish, 

 in this pool mantis shrimps and clams,

 rounding the corner more pools of seafood to chose from,

 we arrived at 4.30 in the afternoon, already the main dinning area had many customers,

 we chose to sit outside, which was empty as we were in full sun,

 the restaurant is so popular tables and chairs were set up on the beach,

 we settled down, the sun sinking so we were not worried by it, 

 and we were recognised, by this waiter, he remembered our last trip here over a year ago with Steve and Kai,

 there were a few boats moored at the quayside,

 wait a second, who is that?

 Diana of course!

 our first course arrived, 

 tom yum goong, spicy prawn soup,

 Diana served,

 as the sun went down,

 I have a feeling this sign will stay here all year long, the 7 being changed to an 8 and in the Thai calendar the 60 changed to 61, 

 our second course arrived,

 prawn doughnuts,

 steamed mussels,

 morning glory,

 seafood rice,

 and steamed prawns,

 by now more dinners had arrived, the beach tables full,

 it was lovely watching the sun go down,

 we took our time between courses, next for us rock lobster fried in garlic,

 with another helping of seafood rice,

 on to the main course, 

 mangrove crab in a curry sauce,

 a favourite of all of us,

 by now the moon was out,

 as our final course arrived, crab claws with the shell taken off so no hard work to do, 

 then one fought with Diana's help back,

as another round of prawn doughnuts arrived, what a fabulous meal and a great setting, if you want to travel to Prichai take the Sumkivitt Road from Pattaya, go past the Ambassador Hotel on your right, at the next set of traffic lights turn right after a 100 yards or so take the turning on the left and continue for 500 yards or so, Prichai is the second restaurant on the right, but be warned it gets packed especially at weekends, so we arrived early to have a few drinks and as a bonus watch the sun go down, arriving home it was feet up,

and we all watched a movie, Victor Frankenstein, it was remarkably good, by now it was late so we said our goodbyes to Russ, after a couple of nightcaps we were then off to bed.

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