Monday, 6 March 2017

On Our Trip To Switzerland,

we took a railway train, 

to the top of Jungfraujoch, 3,454 meters above sea level,

it was bitterly cold, the mountain air so fresh, well I have just found out that we can relive the fresh air experience thanks to an entrepreneur, a British expat living in Basel, Switzerland, John Green is the brains behind “Genuine Mountain Air from Switzerland”, a fledgling online business that promises to ship fresh, high-quality Swiss air anywhere around the world, John claims to collect the air from a “secret location” near the town of Zermatt, then bottles it up in glass containers, labels it and ships it to buyers, described as “the ultimate present for the man or woman that has everything,” 

the bottles come in three sizes, a half litre, one litre or 3 litre, 

 the bottled mountain air also comes with a certificate of authenticity and the exact GPS collection of the place it was collected from, there is a small piece of breathing air etiquette involved, from the webpage,

'As you open your ice cold jar of air (it's recommended to chill in the freezer for full effect) you flick the latch open and there's a quick pfsst as the mountain pressure equalises and you can take a breath of genuine mountain air from Switzerland.'

and so to the bottom line, how much? well nothing in life is free they say and fresh Swiss mountain air does not come cheap, the bottles are priced at $97 a half litre, $167 for one litre or $247 for the 3 litre, John claims that steep prices are necessary for a sustainable business. “There are expenses, we’ve got to send the stuff out worldwide. I want to try and make it sustainable, I don’t want it to be a five minute wonder and make a huge loss. If you try and charge the minimum price you won’t be sustainable and you’ll go out of business,” he told The Local, “And also don’t forget, it’s Swiss air! Everything in Switzerland is expensive.” also bear in mind that John donates 25% of his proceeds to a charity called World Vision, which supports a clean water program in Africa, John originally from Kent in the UK describes the product on his website,, will we buy a bottle? I think we will just look at our pictures and no I am not on commission! I just like the idea of selling air.

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