Thursday, 2 March 2017

We Had A Quiet Day,

playing with the kittens and Netflix,

 but in the evening we were out, Mr. Tony and one of his sons Mark, who was visiting from England called by to pick us up, we were off to Cherry's for our evening meal, we were also joined by Russ who is visiting from the U.S.A.,

 I had a quick look around before it became crowded, the salad bar,

 a selection of starters,

 the trays always being topped up when empty,

 and a selection of sushi,

 the sign says it all, 450 baht for the International buffet which is held on Wednesday and Saturday evenings, if last night was anything to go by book a table, as it became late the restaurant was so full diners had to wait for tables to become free,

 today mushroom soup,

or tom yam kung, 

 there were 18 or so different heated dishes,

 plus a carvery and pizza station, 

 then desserts,

 and what a selection, plus a freezer with 7 different flavours of ice cream to chose from, diet starts tomorrow!

 Father and Son, Mr. Tony and Mark,

Russ and myself, 

 and Diana, 'Cheers!', as you might have guessed it was a lovely meal and nice to see Mark, the restaurant does have a full à la carte menu as well as special daily dishes, it is located on Third Road opposite what was once the X-Cite disco, after saying our goodbyes it was feet up for some Judge Judy until we were off to bed.

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