Friday, 3 March 2017

I Guess We Are All Familiar With This Tricolour Stripe,

over all 7-11 Stores,

well in Japan that combination has now been trademark approved for that no one can copy,

 on March 1, 2017, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announced that it had granted the first trademark approval for a colour palette, the approval was for the blue, white and black-striped branding of the MONO Eraser, one of Japan’s most iconic stationery items originally released in 1969 by Tombow,

I have to admit I have not seen or heard of this brand before, the other approval went to convenience store 7-Eleven Japan and its white, orange, green and red colour palette, in case you are wondering there are 19,422 7-11 stores in Japan, Japan began accepting applications for colour palette trademarks in April of 2015 and has received close to 500 applications to date so expect many more to come, do other countries offer this trademark approval for a colour palette?

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