Monday, 26 December 2011

Another Merry Christmas To Everyone,

now it is time to unwrap the presents,

but there was no way to wrap this one so Nick and Maureen kept it hidden in their car, a fishing tackle box/seat, just what I wanted,

so I had to try it out, but the fish in the aquarium were not biting, so no change for me there then!

 then to Nick and Maureen's presents,

 and one from Diana to me,

Nick had mentioned some time ago how much Maureen had liked the flower lamps that we had bought so he suggested we buy a set for Maureen, she was as pleased as punch,

we had bought a shirt for Nick, which although not an original idea was well received,

 and Diana had bought two shirts for me,

so then off for Christmas dinner at the Punch & Judy, we had booked a table some time ago, and it was a good job that we did as every table was taken, both Nick and myself were in our Christmas shirts, (I had to wear the hat as well!),

 a champagne 'Cheers!', from Nick and Maureen,

 after a huge plate of four types of pate and fresh bread it was time for the starters,

 goats milk pie for Nick and Maureen, salmon and prawns for myself,

then to the main course turkey and all the trimmings,

 followed by Christmas pudding and brandy sauce,

 naturally a Irish coffee was de rigueur to finish the meal,

 or maybe two,

chocolate covered strawberries with Ferrero Rocher chocolates and mince pie rounded the meal off nicely, after that home feet up and catch a few ZZZZZZZ's! just as we were preparing a few drinks for the evening Steve and Kai arrived back from their visit to Korat to see her folks and attend a friends wedding, so it was feet up watch a bit of television, once again a very Merry Christmas to all and best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year, then for all of us off to bed.

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