Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A Holden Hurricane,

a car of the future,

but unveiled 42 years ago, I have to say for me it still looks good, except perhaps for the rear wheel arches, it had digital displays, a primitive magnetic GPS system, a rear-view CCTV camera, and a hydraulic entry system, the entire roof lifted off on hydraulic plates, air conditioning was also fitted, since 2006 work has progressed on the car to bring it back to new and has been brought back to life at a motor show in Melbourne,

the concept car was a revolution for its time, its 4.2-litre Holden V8, turning out 259hp, gave it a good turn of speed as well, Michael Simcoe, executive director of General Motors International Operations said of the car, 'at Holden we have always prided ourselves on our ability to look into the future through our concept cars,' I wonder if the car will ever be brought into production, also what other concept cars have stood the test of time in the style department?

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