Saturday, 10 December 2011

Mr. Tony Called Round First Thing In The Morning,

so we had a chat and a few cups of coffee,

 then as I had arranged to meet Phil for breakfast he joined us, at where else? the Punch & Judy,

later in the day both Phil and Mark called by, Phil calling his family in the UK and Mark a nano second before he realised he was looking at my watch upside down,

then for us off to the Friday night market, Diana was having her hair cut and conditioned so she meet me here later,

 one of the clothes stalls opposite the bar this evening,

 lots of mango's but theses are the bitter ones,

 but I am sure Diana will be buying some of these mini oranges,

 and some strawberries as well,

 it was still not too crowded,

 with some stalls not yet assembled,

with the decline of stalls selling fish and plants in the pet aisle there has been a rise in the numbers of them selling dogs,

 the mobile coffee and coke stall,

back to the bar, then disaster struck, it was closed! I racked my brains trying to think if it was a Buddha Day, but it was not,

 meanwhile the stalls opposite the bar were doing a roaring trade,

Diana called by fresh from the hairdressing salon, the green cover still over the fridge in the bar, I had by now bought a beer at one of the stalls that sells them but does not have a seating area,

just as Diana had returned from a trip to by fresh fruit, the owner of the bar arrived, a little put out that the hired help had not arrived to open it,

Bill who we had not seen for many weeks arrived, so we caught up on what had been happening and also how his marine aquarium was doing,

 a few clouds as the sun starts to go down,

 next to arrive was Brian after a 7 week stint on the rigs,

 along with Sa and Nui,

 Dang was also here so the girls were off again on another shopping fest,

 next Craig, Porn and one of her friends also called by to say Hi,

then Dang and Diana returned with some items of clothing and a creamy sweet drink, by now it was late so for us back to 388,

chatting to Mark I remembered about the new Sherlock Holmes movie, A Game of Shadows about to be released, in the UK on Friday 16th December 2011, (22nd Thailand), so we watched the old one, if the new one is as good as the first it should be superb,

in Ford Florey an ages old land dispute turns ugly when Faye Lennox is murdered, lover of unpopular farmer Jack Fincher who is lassoed and dragged by a horse and rider to his death in Blood on the Saddle, complicating matters is that all of this has a wild west show as its backdrop, with fake guns in abundance, it all ends up in a wild west town, then for us off to bed.


Issarat said...

Is Brian the brother of the ex-manager from TQ2 (who passed away a few years ago)?
They sure do look alike.

PattayaStan said...

Dear Frankie, there is no relation between Brian and Steve, just as an aside Jim and myself will be at Pattaya Makro on the 14th (Wednesday), at 10.30 in the morning buying supplies for the orphanage that Steve supported on the anniversary of his death, all welcome to help buy a few things for the kids, best regards, Stan and Diana.