Monday, 19 December 2011

Sunday, Again!

what happened to the week?

the time just seems to fly past, this week we were off to the Robin's Nest for Sunday lunch,

when we normally go here it is full of people and stalls, the Soi Bukhaow Market is here on Tuesdays and Fridays, but when it is not market day it reverts to a car park,

 Diana waiting for the carver to begin,

 Mike and Riza had called so they joined us as well,

 next some chicken and sausages,

 followed by fruit salad and ice cream,

Mike commented what good value for money the restaurant was and the selection of vegetables was impressive,

then whilst we were there, a nice chap came over and said hello to us all, it appears he is from the UK and reads our blog whilst he is there, and just wanted to say keep it going, I will do my best!

in the afternoon Jay and Percil arrived so the boys went upstairs whilst the girls watched a few gory horror movies downstairs,

after our friends had left I decided on Warships, this DVD had the stories of 4 ships, I watched the first, the Bismarck, for me very interesting but it did not go into great detail, but then it is titled 'the search', and that was what it concentrated on, although there were comments by the survivors during the film, but it was the quickest hour I have spent for a long time,

then a real treat, both Diana and myself enjoyed the first 5 episodes immensely, I have to say the next and final 3 episodes were just as good, The Pillars of the Earth, as I mentioned before is about the building of a cathedral, the thought of a series made about it did not seem, well very interesting, but it was a first class series, we watched all of the last 3 from start to finish, then for us off to bed.

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