Thursday, 8 December 2011

Our Masters In Brussels Have Spoken Again,

and we jump!

 rules concerning playgrounds have closed this one down,

well not quiet, the motorbike is left, but this report is 2 days old, so by now it will most probably be gone as it is scheduled to be removed, it appears that despite not a single reported injury Durham County Council ruled a small play area on Allergate, in Durham City, must be stripped of play equipment due to safety concerns, so instead of happy smiling kids having fun and learning to take a few knocks in life like a scrapped knee, they can now walk on the grass,

the rules, yes it is not a law, the rules that we are so eager to apply state that as equipment is pre-1998 it does not meet current safety standards, Nigel Dodds, the council’s sport and leisure manager, said the site’s possible redevelopment depended on the results of a play strategy, which was still being drawn up, will the cash strapped council replace the removed slides swings and roundabout? in this time of austerity I doubt it, well the football and rugby posts will have to be removed next, I am sure those and other sports equipment must be pre 1998, still with all fun playgrounds like this one stripped of attractions there may not be a need for a sport and leisure manager as there will be nothing left to manage,

a few local comments, Ruth Chambers, who lives nearby, said the playground had been established for many years and was well-used by families, visitors and a neighbouring nursery, Sarah Loach, of nearby Brass Thill, said: 'people are always talking about kids getting more exercise and then the council takes the play equipment away, it’s a real shame', Ruth Pierce, another resident, added: 'my son keeps asking when the slide’s coming back, we used to come down here quite regularly, it’s great for fresh air, it’s a great walk-through location – people often stopped off here for half an hour', but then when do councils and jobsworths ever listen to the people that pay their wages?

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