Thursday, 8 December 2011

I Am Guessing This Is A Fail,

rather than a pass,

first the good news, no one was injured, just the truck that Angela Castro, 35 was driving in her exam got a bit wet, she was taking her exam in a pick-up truck in Antofagasta, Chile, when she misjudged a bend and drove straight on, in to the Pacific Ocean, instead of applying the brakes, the learner then hit the accelerator pedal, smashing through a metal barrier and diving straight for the ocean,

as the car began to sink into the water examiner, Edgardo Aguilera, managed to scramble free and emerge relatively unscathed, but eyewitnesses watched in horror as Ms Castro struggled to undo her seat belt, she was only saved when a heroic passer-by jumped into the ocean and managed to free her, I hope the bravery of the passer by is commended by the authorities, the car was later winched from the sea by the Navy and Police and I guess is currently drying out and helping them with their enquires.

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