Friday, 9 December 2011

Just As I Was Finishing The Blog I Called Steve,

before I had chance to speak he asked if I wanted to join him for breakfast,

which was kind of strange because that was what I had phoned him to ask, so off to the Punch & Judy as it is near his shop, 

 so we meet there and had a nice meal,

 chicken and ham pie for Steve, burger and a pint for myself, at 199 baht for me a great deal,

we then made a move as Steve had to get back to his students, his newly repainted bike looking a lot better than when he found it wrapped round a concrete electric pole after it and several other bikes had been washed away and came to rest around the pole after the recent floods,

no sooner had I started to drive away than I received a phone call, Phil asked if I would join him for lunch as I was so near the Punch & Judy I called back there with him,

after lunch, well Phil had a lunch, I was still full so I just had a beer, I dropped him off home in his newly painted yellow house, then by now as it was late in the afternoon it was back to 388,

to watch Angels One Five, 'Septic' Baird has just joined a front line RAF squadron at the height of the Battle of Britain, it is the story of "The Few", stirring stuff,

Mark called round for a couple of hours then after he left we rounded off the evening with The Sword of Guillaume, from series thirteen of Midsomer Murders, Tom Barnaby joins the Causton Chamber of Commerce trip to Brighton as he is suspicious of dodgy mayor Hicks' plan to buy coastal land on which to buy chalets, it was so nice to see Brighton again with cries of 'we were there' and when Diana was not looking at the screen, 'there's Chris and Wannie!' but local knowledge did not help, I still could not work out who did it, then for us off to bed.

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