Thursday, 22 December 2011

For The Next Few Weeks I Will Be Posting Without The Things We Find,

 interesting, amusing or just plain weird,

as we have a couple of friends from the UK staying with us, but first thing and Diana is off to the We Care Clinic, in case you are wondering there is a finger print on the lens, which is why the pictures look a bit blurred,

 the sign says it all,

 next stop the bank,

 then to Walking Street,

 a quick walk back to the Pattaya Beer Garden for breakfast,

 it was at this point I noticed the dirty lens,

 so a quick wipe with some of my shirt and all was well,

 the view from the walkway that leads to the restaurant,

 and from our table,

 some Thai food for Diana, 

 and a prawn cocktail for myself,


 then back to 388 for Steve and Kai to arrive,

 we decided to head back to the Pattaya Beer Garden as Kai wanted some real Thai food, and the European food is quiet good there too,

 the first of the food arrives,

 'Cheers!', again,

 we had a good selection of dishes,

 I went for baked salmon,

 and picked at a few of the Thai dishes,

 then to Walking Street,

no sooner had we started in the street and the girls wanted to do some shopping, first a few pairs of shoes,

 then some food,

 so we settled at a bar to eat the fresh fruit they had bought,

 almost opposite the Moon Club,

 the girls decided to head home which left Steve and myself to head for Roxy's,

where we bumped in to Rhys and his friend Luke who he describes as a Bogan from Australia, though to be fair Rhys said he was one as well, nice meeting you guys,

 so we made our farewells and left, many thanks to Grieg for looking after us so well,

no sooner had we left when we were spotted by Luke, he was on a mission  to find Rhys,

then home to bed, well a few ZZZZZZZ's on the sofa, with that we retired for the evening.

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