Thursday, 29 December 2011

First Thing And We Were Off To Get Steve's Shoulder Dressed,

we went to one of the many clinics that are around Pattaya,

 'now this might tingle',

 as it happened the gravel rash was quite clean,

 but it was still cleaned with an antiseptic and antibacterial cream applied,

 a course of antibiotics was also prescribed and 300 baht later we were good to go,

 the Punch & Judy for breakfast,

 two coffees to start the day,

 some Thai food for Steve and a ham sandwich for me,

next stop was to see that splendid fellow David of East Coast Real Estate, but unfortunately the office was closed for Christmas,

 shopping first before we hit the beach,

then here we were, about one kilometre from the start of the beach and hardly a tourist in sight,

the downside was that Steve could not go for a swim as he could not get his shoulder wet,

a little later in the day a few more people arrived, but it was not the same as just a few years ago,

 lunch for Steve,

 one of the boats moored off the beach,

almost as soon as we arrived home so did Kai, then we were off for our evening meal,

 it is a resort and restaurant helping various charities in Thailand,

as you make you way to the restaurant you travel through a 'jungle walk',

 there are streams,

 and water features dotted around the garden,

 lit at night it is so romantic,

 with pathways leading to the shore,

 it looks deserted but in fact you could hear other dinners all around,

 we crossed another stream,

 along the way the pathway is dotted with signs,

 another stream,

 then the rabbit enclosure,

 the entrance insight,

one of the projects of the resort is to give people a better understanding of the use of condoms, hence the name, the model is wearing a costume from them,

 then we were shown to our table, the view looking down on to the beach,

 and across to the serving area,

 looking up some of the other tables,

 cocktails for starters,


 then our food arrived,

 and there was lots of it,

 soon it was time to climb the stairs home,

 butt first a stop at the fish pool,

 to have a look at the fish,

 this time as we walked past the rabbit enclosure,

 there were two in the distance,

 almost invisible,

 for directions the restaurant is opposite the Asia Hotel on Pratamnak Soi 4, the food was excellent and the service first class,

then home to 388 for a nightcap and off to bed.

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