Friday, 2 December 2011

The Chocolate Army Is Ready To Go,

the place to go to see it is the World Chocolate Wonderland,

in Shanghai, China, this is Diana's dream come true, the tasty theme park, located in the city's Himalaya Art Museum, will showcase around 200 of the best art pieces using chocolate as its base material, perhaps the most spectacular exhibit is a replica of the Terracotta Army of Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang, with each soldier moulded from chocolate,

more modern designs include a design of the Bumblebee car robot from the film Transformers, there are also examples of Louis Vuitton handbags, chocolate training shoes, stilettos and of course chocolate vases like the one above, worryingly for me visitors, while there is the chance to admire the impressive array of chocolate designs, the show also offers the opportunity for them to get involved, guests will be able to make there own chocolate on the spot, or instruct professionals to mix up varieties that include truffles and wine, as soon as Diana reads this there will be a Goggle search for air fares to China!

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