Saturday, 24 December 2011

Up, Up And Away!

well Diana was as we went to the airport,

 she has not had a Christmas with her family for the past three years,

 so this year she will be in the Philippines for two weeks or so,

 bye-bye Diana, see you in two weeks,

 no sooner had I arrived home than Juu called round,

 so we had a beer to cool down, Steve's stomach has settled down but better to avoid alcohol for the time being, so we drank his beer!

 so it was then off to the night market,

 clear skies,

opposite the bar tonight a stall selling dried fruit, but the one doing a roaring trade was the one next door selling shoes,

 still blue skies as the sun goes down,

whilst walking around I stopped off here to buy a couple of limes, sometimes that bar owner is late or has forgotten to buy some to go with the San Miguel light,

 Steve and Kai still shopping as I sip my beer,

 a little later and the shoe stall is still attracting lots of customers,

 the sun finally goes down,

 Brian also called by,

 and naturally I had on my Christmas hat,

then Mr. Tony and family called by, they had just come back from a trip to the coral islands,

next home, shower and out again to Walking Street, this is the shrine outside the V. C. Hotel,

 I have not stayed there but it has been here as far back as I can remember,

 Walking Street was crowded,

 for a drink or three we decided to call into a few go-gos, starting at the Casnovy,

 followed by Silver Stars,

 we also popped in to one in Soi Diamond,

on our way along the street a ice sculpture was being made, I am not sure how long it will last out here,

 speaking of ice if you want to feel the cold, the V2O bar is at a constant -5C,

 we ended up at Roxy's,

before moving on past one of the street performers to Champions, then home, sadly alone for me as Diana is in the Philippines, I am missing her already, but by now it was late and as we are going to be up early tomorrow, we were off to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and Diana, and all your friends in Thailand.

Best wishes for the coming New Year!!!

- Seth