Wednesday, 7 December 2011

First Thing,

and we were off to the post office,

 which was thankfully quiet,

 then into the truck and off to Tesco's, naturally to Swensens ice cream first,

 mine, all mine!

we had some shopping to do, but one thing that we had nearly run out of was low calorie drinks and soda water, which is one of the reasons we brought the truck as we wanted 3 or 4 cases of each, but not a drop, so bang goes my vodka soda till supplies reach Pattaya again!

next back to the bike, we parked in the Friendship car park to walk across to the Soi Bukaow market, 

 some more of those nice sweet small oranges we enjoy so much,

 Diana had a few things to buy, whilst I just had a look around, lots of toys for Christmas,

 and plants,

 we meet up in the cafe as usual,

back to the bike and then home, but on our way a new dress shop had opened up with two fountains/water features outside,

 I am just surprised that no one has taken the fish!

 the flower is now starting to open, but only one large flower and a small one,

 the last time there were four large flowers like this one, 

then feet up, but before watching some DVDs Mark called round, after a few drinks, then Nature's Great Events, a BBC DVD made as only the BBC seem to know how, with master wordsmith Sir David Attenborough supplying the commentary, we both enjoyed the DVD so much we watched all three of the first six episodes,

the last of Midsomer Murders series twelve was next, The Great and the Good, a school teacher constantly hears people in her home at night, no one believes her until Jim Hanley is murdered in her garden, womanising handyman Laurence Mann is killed after telling he knows the murderer's identity, Barnaby pursues his suspect to a annual night auction to denounce the murderer before the Great and the Good,

well we had to make a start on series thirteen, The Made-to-Measure Murders, as you might expect the story revolves around a tailors in the village of Milton Cross,a feudal estate owned by benevolent landlord Edward Milton, tailor Gerald Woodley died of a heart attack, his widow Sonia is keen to make confession to the Reverend Morland but is knocked unconscious and stabbed to death on the way to see him, what secrets did she have regarding her husbands death? then for us off to bed.

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