Friday, 16 December 2011

The Day Just Sort Of Sailed Past,

Mr. Tony called in for a cup of tea and a chat,

 then I was off to meet up with Damon, he has just arrived from his home in the Philippines,

 although it does not look it Soi Marine Plaza was quiet busy on the way to the street,

 Walking Street itself was packed,

 both ways from the bottom of Soi Blues Factory, naturally we meet up in Champions, Damon had also called Brian who arrived with his wife Sa, her sister and his father, the girls decided to go for a walk,

 and so did we, Damon and Brian, his father had decided on a early night so he was not with us,

we were walking to Roxys to say Hi to Grieg, whilst there a few other friends called by, all to soon everyone was in party mode, a great time was had by all,

well past midnight I made my farewells and walked along to the motorcycle taxi ranks, but first a mango pancake for Diana,

 the stall holder making the pancake look so easy to make,

  mango was added,

 then cooked to perfection,

 condensed milk added,

 a sprinkle of sugar and I was good to go,

 on the way back I noticed this car, looking to be in very good condition,

a Ford Galaxie 500, a bit big for many of the roads out here though, but nice to see some thing different,

home again, as I went into the drive I noticed that the Amaryllis had a couple of flower stalks on it,

 one stalk had 4 flowers on it,

 a nice salmon pink,

during the day and when I returned we watched the complete series of Micheal Palins Hemingway Adventure, where he retraces the steps of Hemingway, another very enjoyable series, after that we were off to bed.

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