Saturday, 17 December 2011

In The Morning Don Called Round,

now up and about after his accident,

after a cup of tea he tried a medicinal glass of red wine, so I think there is another convert to Mount Clair red wine in Pattaya! in truth he wanted to buy some wine and had heard good things about my favourite tipple so he wanted to try it before buying it, Jay also called round in afternoon as did Mark,

in between a quick trip to 3BB to pay the Internet bill, it seems strange that in a few hours this quiet scene will be transformed into a busy night market,

 the office, 1,166.20 baht, I wonder who keeps all of the .2 bahts that is on the bill?

 a few hours later and back to the market,

 a bit more crowded than the last time I was there a few hours ago,

 a clothes stall was opposite the bar again this week,

 I went for my usual walk around the stalls, lots of fish and seafood on the go,

 nice looking strawberries,

 one tray of these will be on Diana's shopping list,

 the aquatic shop that is normally closed had opened early,

 not a huge selection, I guess they have a permanent shop elsewhere,

from seeing none at all over the past few months there has been a ever increasing number of African grey parrots offered for sale, this stall alone had 6 on offer, I must admit other than knowing they do not taste very nice the only thing I know about them is that this species seems to be able to mimic the human voice better than most,

 a view through the stalls at the seated area behind them,

 this week the bar was open on time,

as I was sitting there this splendid people carrier came past, I have seen a few two tiered coaches in the past but this is the first true 'double decker' I have seen here in Thailand,

 Riza called in to say Hi, then the girls were off on a shopping fest whilst Mike parked the car,

 Brian and Sa with one of her family also called by,

 next the whole place was taken over buy a Dtac invasion,

 lots of give aways for everyone was the order of the day,

 Thomas also called in with Juu, Dang and family.

 the Dtac team getting into full swing,

 Bob called by for a quick chat,

 by now Mike had parked the car so time for a refreshing beer,

 no prizes for guessing who was given the balloon!

 the Dtac team then headed off,

 to another venue, I wonder what they were selling?

 the girls back from another shopping quest,

Sai Jai called over to give us both a Christmas present, she hand knits woollen hats and other things during the week and sells them at the night market, for Diana and myself she gave us a Christmas hat each,

 and a shawl for Diana, it was humbling for some one to give us so much of her time,

 a bit difficult to see but what is wrong with 4 on a bike?

 my Christmas hat from Sai Jai,

during he week I had been talking to Ray so I just had to call in to say Hi as it was his birthday today, tonight he was in LK Metro,

at the Road House,

also there to celebrate his birthday was Damon,

 and M.C. who is a professional flight instructor,

 Ray with one of the many charming waitresses at Road House,

 next stop over the road to Oasis,

to meet up with Russ who I had not seen for a long time, we had so much catching up to do a quick drink turned into a long drink, then Damon called in so the long drink turned in to an all night drink, then a few more friends who I had not seen for ages arrived, and on it went,

 I arrived home a little the worse for wear,

 but as always Diana greeted me with a pint of beer or a glass of wine,

down the hatch and with that we were off to bed.

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