Friday, 9 December 2011

It Is A Good Job We Have Oil, Gas And Nuclear Power To Back Us Up,

when the wind farms close down,

in Ardrossan, North Ayrshire, Ardrossan resident Stuart McMahon said the turbine had not been in operation due to the severe weather warning, Mr McMahon, who captured the spectacular fire in photos, added, 'I didn’t hear any explosion or anything, but my wife shouted for me to come down and see the fire', it is not known at the present how much it will cost to repair the  £2million turbine, another crashed to the ground on Wednesday afternoon at Coldingham in Lothian and Borders, although ScottishPower has not blamed the weather for its collapse, Lothian and Borders Police said the turbine ‘suffered brake system failure and had been freewheeling’ in 50mph winds, Scottish and Southern Energy refused to disclose how many of its turbines were affected, but even if it was only two that failed what about the ones that did not?

a spokesman for National Grid said: ‘at lunchtime today, 1,500MW of electricity that was expected to be generated by wind farms in Scotland wasn’t being produced, although we can’t tell if that’s all down to the high winds or wind farms just deciding not to generate, that 1,500MW is enough to supply about one million homes', so with no back up 1,000,000 homes would be without power and the tree huggers and greenies want us to become more dependant on wind farms! just think in the future if their wish is granted and we have wind farms only, on days when we have no wind or too much the UK will just have to close down.

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