Thursday, 8 December 2011

We Had A Bit Of Shopping To Do,

also we wanted to drop off a couple of Diana's dresses for alterations,

 the flower at the front of the house is looking nice now,

 it is just a shame there is only one big one,

on the way to the seamstress we stopped off at every one of the 7-11's, Family Marts and Tesco's that we past, we were looking for soda water and diet drinks, the good news was that we are now stocked up on sodas, but whilst waiting at one store I heard a bird chirping away, a few cages were suspended from the front of the shop next door,

I am not sure what the species are, but I have seen so many of these for sale in the market with ornate cages as well, they sing quiet nicely and I have been told that prize ones go for hundreds of thousands of baht, I guess they are kept here the same way as in the UK we would keep a singing canary,

our quest over Tesco had sodas in stock, but we still have not been able to buy any diet soft drinks,

 then off to our evening meal,

we had arranged to meet Steve for his last night in Pattaya at the Gossip Cafe behind TukCom, tomorrow he is off to the River Kwai,

 soup for starters,

 Diana decided on Thai food for the evening, Steve and myself went with the special menu,

main course two farmers schnitzels with onions, mushrooms and bacon topping, plus chips and some salad,

 Steve taking a picture of me posing with his camera,

'Cheers!', dessert was included all three courses for just 199 baht, we did order another carafe of wine, but Steve had drunk them dry, the restaurant had just one glass for each of us left, then home to 388,

 and who should be waiting for us again?

 the frog was back,

I am guessing it was the same one as before, if so he is certainly very persistent at getting into the house, he made Diana jump a few nights ago when he leered at her from around one of the aquariums, he got in under the front door, so tonight we put a piece of cloth there to stop him getting in, then on to the DVDs,

for a change Monster Quest was quiet interesting if what they are saying is to be believed, for instance, there are more tigers kept in citizens homes and zoos in the United States than there are walking around in the wild! this fact was mentioned twice in the programme that was highlighting how captive animals could be released into the wild when they became too big, unruly or expensive to keep, also the chances of a breeding population of piranhas in Lake of the Ozarks,

then for another spectacular from the DVD, Nature's Greatest Events, the one that fascinated us the most was the sardine run, from the blurb, 'This is the Sardine Run: an underwater Armageddon, the greatest gathering of predators anywhere on the planet, and the most spectacular event in the world's oceans', I could not have put it better myself, some truly great moments captured on film, then after all three episodes on the DVD it was time for us to go off to bed.


Anonymous said...

The birds are " Bulbuls " sometimes known as the "Arabian Nightingale " .

PattayaStan said...

Dear Anonymous, many thanks for the information, we see these birds everywhere, I will do a piece on them in the next couple of days, best regards, Stan and Diana.