Thursday, 1 December 2011

We Decided To Go Shoping At Tesco's,

so on the bike and off we went,

 the bike park was pretty full,

but of course before we could start shopping we had to call into Swensens for an ice cream, in the spirit of Little Britain, 'I want that one!',

 and I had this one, a strawberry something,

 all together now, Ah!

 Diana had the Christmas special she wanted,

 then off to the bait shop on the way home,

 by now the bike was loaded down and we had not picked the beer up yet,

 then home to play with a few stamps,

these if the printing is too small to read were issued in 1937, to commemorate the twenty fourth Philatelic Congress of Great Britain in Folkstone, the green issue above,

and the red sheet here, I also have the other two colours that the sheets were issued in, boring I know but it is good fun for a philatelist, the examples above are known as Cinderella stamps, they are issued as souvenirs but can not be used as postage,

 then off in the Secrets taxi, tonight Steve is joining us,

 to Cherry's,

 a few starters and a litre of house wine, 

 'Cheers!', from both of us,

 Steve thought the food here was reasonably priced and there was plenty of it,

a final 'Cheers!', from me then we were off on our way home, but unfortunately the Secrets taxi could not pick us up for 2 hours, so two motorbike taxis came to our rescue, they also saved us 100 baht into the bargain!

arriving home it was feet up for Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment, not as funny as the first, but it did raise a laugh or two, then for us off to bed.

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