Sunday, 20 October 2019

After Diana Had Left For Work,

I was off to Beckenham,

 passing the huge mushroom,

 at the bottom of this tree,

 past Foxgrove Lodge and into town, I bought bananas at Marks and Spencer, where bags were provided for loose fruit and vegetables, so I will give Sainsburys a miss as they cannot seem to get their act together, and home I walked,

where a nice surprises greeted me, one of the companies I use sent a miniature of the new Baileys, almond flavour, I shall enjoy that this evening after my evening meal, then I thought I would save it for tomorrow's Sunday lunch, you never know Diana might want to try it!

 as Diana was at work it was play time for me,

 so upstairs I went,

 the conger eel head was on a stall at Borough market,

 I put lots of colour in this one,

 then went to black and white,

 finally an old fashioned look,

 whilst at the market I took a few infrared photographs of mushrooms,

 colour swapped,

 then added,

 I went a little high with this one, they must have been magic mushrooms!

 black and white,

 and slightly faded at the edges,

 the next couple of sets were taken when we went to Paris,

 below us is where we walked on a previous visit,

 anyway lots of colour,

 then black and white,

 rounding off with an antique look,

 finally Notre Dame,

 now unfortunately damaged by fire,

 I brighten the image,

 and went with lots of colour,

 before going to black and white,

and one photograph of the building with a old fashioned look,

time for my evening meal, first a sherry, 

followed by a wine or three, 'Cheers!', 

and for my meal, one slice of dry pumpernickel with 50 grams of smoked salmon on top, with a touch of mayonnaise, plus a few slices of tomato and cucumber, when we are not eating out this is what I normally eat for my breakfast and evening meals, but with different toppings, ham, egg, crab sticks, and anything else Diana can think of, I decided to spend the rest of the evening listening to music and in the company of Yossarian, I was going to bone up on CC 2015, but I will leave that for another day, later in the evening I walked Diana home, a coffee and one episode of Peaky Blinders and we were off to bed.

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