Saturday, 26 October 2019

Diana Is At Work,

so for myself off to the shops,

 to do the weekends shopping, still a few leaves left on the trees, food shopping over I made my way to Kingfisheries in Croydon Road, Beckenham, for some RO water,

 whilst there I looked,

 at some of the corals, 

 that were for sale,

 not that I wanted to buy any,

 as the ones at home were growing bigger by the month,

 in fact one is almost too big, when fully extended it almost reaches the surface, it was only 2-3" when we bought it,

 this was a little cutie, a juvenile white spotted boxfish, (Ostracion meleagris), less than 1" in length,

 and next door a bit of a rarity, a bi-couloured tube worm, next stop home and upstairs for a play with infrared,

 a bit of a what is it?

 the photograph was taken on one of our trips to Ben Nevis,

 it is a small stream,

 with mosses overhanging it, I have added lots of color,

 now just black and white,

 and one of my favorite looks, making the photograph look like it had been taken in the early days of photography,

 we all know what this one is,

 taken at a time when the River Siene was in flood,

 some color added,

 and a tad more,

 the black and white look,

 and the photograph given some 'age',

 this was a tricky one for me,

 as there were not a lot of colors to play with,

 in the end I sort of gave up,

 I can not say I am happy with the result,

 but there it is,

in case you are wondering, it is the front of the streamlined Duchess of Hamilton,

 play time over, I made my way to the club to meet up with Steve, dodging leaves and small twigs most of the way, it was so windy, after saying goodbye it was off home for myself to wait for the call from Diana, 

then out again to the bus stop to walk Diana home, where it was feet up for one from The Frankenstein Chronicles before we were off to bed.

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