Monday, 14 October 2019

Using Nothing But His Bare Hands,

and a fine clay sculpting knife,

street artist Yan Junhai, from the Chinese city of Changsha, in Hunan Province, creates stunningly lifelike detailed busts of passersby in just a matter of minutes, Junhai recently rose to internet fame after a video of him working his magic on the streets of Changsha went viral on Chinese social media, posted by CGTN, the short video below shows him molding pieces of clay into detailed busts of random people on the street,

according to CGTN, Yan Junhai’s family have been clay sculpting for five generations, and he himself has been honing his skills since he was eight-years-old, now here is a thought, if you are ever in Changsha and want a unique souvenir, look for a street artist carving clay busts, what a totally unique souvenir that would make!

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