Monday, 8 February 2021

A Great Start To The Day,

it had started snowing!

not a heavy amount,

it just gave the fir trees a light dusting,

something had attracted the foxes attention,

by now it had been snowing all morning, so we decided on a late lunch to go out for a walk, a light dusting on the cars, 

Diana was so excited about the snow,

we walked into the park, but the snow was blowing straight into our faces, so we retraced our steps,

and entered the park form the Foxgrove Club end,

the snow had really started to settle on the trees,

but the pathways were clear,

talk about all smiles, Diana had been making a video and talking to Mum as we walked, then it happened, I ask Diana to pose under a tree, if you watch the video you will see what happen next,

we were now into the parks wooded area,

looking like a winter wonderland,

so it was time to strike a pose,

or two,

and a close up,

one more,

then my turn,

the beard coming on well,

I had to have another pose,

as did Diana,

plenty of snow on the bushes, none on the paths,

a look across the lake, hopefully the cold will kill off all of the parasites that caused an out break of 'Beckenham Swimmers Itch', that plagued the open air swimming pool last summer,

we crossed the nearside of the lake,

and started up the hill,

towards the mansion,

a close up,

and even closer,

unfortunately the snow was not deep enough,

for the kids to bring out their sleds,

one more from myself,

and we were on our way home,

for our late Sunday lunch,

and what better way to warm up than a plate of thick country house vegetable soup?


for today a smoked gammon joint,

with gravy for Diana sans for myself,

for dessert, profiteroles with cream,

lots of cream, 

next feet up for a couple of films, firstly Willow, which was sort of alright, the trouble being seeing similar films, like the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Willow just did not cut it,

we followed that with Predestination, a tricky one to follow, but it sort of made sense in the end, with the end of that we were then off to bed.

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