Saturday, 20 February 2021

You May Have Seen I Am Growing A Beard,

which is coming on nicely,

at some stage it will disappear of course, I have no wish to be like one of the two famous people from Braunau am Inn, a town in Austria bordered by Germany, one is Adolf Hitler, who was born there, but we will not mention him, the other one is Hans Steininger, the town’s mayor in the 16th century, and there he is above, photograph Grabstein des H. Staininger BENUTZER: M.M/PUBLIC DOMAIN,

if you see this photograph of Hans Steininger, the town’s mayor in the 16th century, it is not him, photography was not invented for anther 250 years, it is not the length of the beard that makes him fanous, it is he fact that his beard killed him! I kid you not, his beard  was around 137cm (four feet and a half) that stretched down to the ground. He usually carefully rolled it up and tucked it in his pocket. However, on a September night in 1567, there was a big fire in Branuau am Inn, Hans Steininger’s beard came out of his pocket, as he was running down the stairs, Hans stumbled on his own beard and tripped. Consequently, he fell down the rest of the steps and broke his neck and died in the process, this made him the man who was killed by his own beard, after the incident, the townspeople built a monument on the wall of St. Stephen’s Church in honour of their beloved mayor, as an aside if you want to see a long beard, 

there are a few in this 1923 video, I do not think my beard will be anything like these! we have in fact posted about beards before, there are a couple of them in this link.

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