Sunday, 14 February 2021


back to Saturday,

Diana did not have to leave for work until midday, so we had one of my favourite breakfasts, smoked haddock warmed in milk, delicious!

after she had left in the afternoon one of the foxes called by,

I threw him a handful of peanuts, which attracted the crows,

the wound on his head appears to be healing well,

one of the crows was far braver than the other,

chancing his wing for that one extra peanut,

in the evening a read,

and my starter of mixed cold cuts with gherkins and silver skin onions,


then time to tuck in, for my main course I had bought a duck fillet with a Chinese 5 spice sauce marinade, normally I just read the intinctions and bung the prepared meal in the micro wave as instructed, but I really dropped the ball on this one, I had to fry the fillet first and then cook it in the oven, which in my 70 years means this is the third time I have ventured into a kitchen to cook something, the first two times were utter failures, it is a given, I can not cook, I read the instructions "place in pan with a medium heat for 6 minuets and then turn over for another 3 minutes, place in preheated oven at 180 for 20 minutes, allow to stand for 5 minuets then enjoy" what could be simpler?

I set my telephone for 6 minuets and turned the fillet for another 3 minuets as instructed, 

now comes the 'enjoy" bit, it was disgusting, whilst I really enjoy crispy duck, incinerated duck is not on my list of likes, I ate as much as I could and binned the charcoal, which was most of it, note to self, next tine read the cooking instructions, if they do not mention microwave put it back on the shelf!, 

after eating some fresh fruit I decided to watch a film, for tonight Robocop, which I really enjoyed, great fun indeed, just before 11.00 Diana called so off to the bus stop and back home, where it was feet up for a couple from Red Dwarf before we were off to bed.

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