Tuesday, 9 February 2021

An Early Start For Diana,

just after 03.30 AM.

we were on our way,

to the bus stop,

overnight the snow had started to settle,

but that did not stop the food deliveries from getting through,

with Diana safely on the bus, for myself back to the park and home,
after a few hours I was out again,

walking back to the bus stop,

these park goers were hoping for plenty of snow to try their sledge,

I was nearing the church,

as I passed Beckenham Green, or perhaps I should say Beckenham white,

the cyclamen still flowering, but I fear the frost might be the end of the flowers,

a red poppy still on the lamp post as I waited for the bus,

and this is where I was going, to the Argos pick and collect in Sainsburys located in Penge,

back on to the bus to the Beckenham Sainsburys for another pick and collect at Argos, yes I know it would have been easier to go to just one store, but I ordered both items at the same time but one of each was only available at any one store,

in what seemed like a case of déjà vu,

I was heading home again,

a last look at the snow,

and then indoors to look at my purchases, just a couple of things for odd jobs around the flat, a soldering iron,

plus an electric drill and an assortment of drill bits,

in the late afternoon the fox called by,

as well as a couple of the crows,

it was by now barely snowing,

during the afternoon the kids downstairs had been playing in the snow,

so we now have a snowman,

and a snowcat and kitten! Diana arrived home just after my evening meal, after Diana ate it was feet up for the latest Cornwall: This Fishing Life, series 2 episode 4, this episode follows a new kid on the block, Lee Wilkie from Croydon, who sold his cab firm to follow his childhood dream of becoming a fisherman, next for us a program about a new theory as to why the Titanic sunk so quickly, we rounded the evening of with one from New Tricks, then for us we were off to bed.

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