Friday, 5 February 2021

Since We Moved To The UK,

a couple of years ago,

especially at the beginning of our life here, we would often pop over to IKEA in Croydon, just today I found out that there was a side to IKEA that I knew nothing about, the owner of most Ikea stores recently purchased a property in the state of Georgia to protect it from development, Ingka Group worked with non-profit organization The Conservation Fund to save the 10,840-acres of land from destruction. This is not the first property that the company has bought, as it has over 613,000 acres of forest land across Europe and the U.S. Ikea said this week that its 2020 operations used fewer fossil fuels than ever before and that it expects that trend to continue moving forward. Last year, the company sourced more than 98 percent of wood for its products from responsibly managed forests — and announced that, by 2030, at least a third of its wood will be recycled, Ikea also made other big sustainability moves last year, like discontinuing the sale of non-rechargeable batteriesending the print version of its catalogue, and launching its own second-hand store, all of this I find so amazing, I never knew anything about this side of Ikea.

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