Thursday, 18 February 2021

If You Have Trouble Waking Up,

this could be the answer to your dreams,

all images © OneClock, the creative team over at OneClock designed a streamlined device with the intention of rousing people in a more peaceful manner, one with soothing melodies that are in stark contrast to the startling sounds many of us hear every morning,

the analogue alarm is outfitted with more than 20 instrumental and vocal compositions created by musician Jon Natchez, when it’s time to get up, the melodies gradually swell in volume. An AI music generator remixes a new composition each morning to stave off alarm fatigue, meaning that it never plays the same tune twice, OneClock also won’t allow snoozing, but it does emit music for about 20 minutes, giving drowsy folks a little extra time,

the project is already is fully backed on Kickstarter with just more than two weeks to go. The retro, low-tech design, which features a built-in nightlight, currently is available in four colours and has a white oak front. Follow updates on its official launch on Instagram and its site, for myself and many others, I guess it is the alarm on my mobile telephone, but it does sound sort of neat never having the same tune play twice.

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